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Personal Finance from A to Z

At the moment when the economy is facing a growing risk of recession and rising prices make us feel like our bills are against us, not only small businesses but also average families are concerned about their future. Thus, we all are interested in more efficient and economical ways of managing our finances. We are glad that our space became the venue for "Personal Finance from A to Z" within the financial literacy week for youth. Over the course of three days, with the help of professionals in the field of lending and finance, the participants discovered more about how to effectively manage their budgets, learned more about how the lending industry works from the inside and determined modern methods of investing and earning on deposits.


Karen Pugh, Financial consultant, Family budget specialist
For over ten years, Karen has been helping families reach debt relief, organize a budget, teach the basic principles of financial literacy, and also talks about multiple useful tips on managing finance on her personal blog.

Laurence Isak, Former Customer Care Center Representative of Webster Bank, Lending Specialist
Laurance was here to show us how the lending industry works from the inside, as well as share with us useful tips on what to pay attention to when you're going to get a loan.

Judy Gold, CEO of the "Second Chance" payday loan company
Judy specializes in short-term loans in order to help needy people with bad credit reach equal credit opportunities. She debunks myths about small-dollar loans, proving that they can be lifesaving if you use them in a proper way.

Oscar Jameson, Business analyst
Oscar has been studying and analyzing businesses for over 20 years and offers creative and effective solutions to emerging problems to help small and medium businesses achieve their financial goals. Oscar will talk about the common mistakes of aspiring entrepreneurs and help those who want to start their own businesses formulate financial goals and outline the steps to achieve them.